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Cellcard supports Sihanoukville residents impacted by flooding

Published Date: August, Saturday 10, 2019

In response to the emergency situation in Sihanoukville, Cellcard has mobilised efforts to support the community.

Cellcard customers registered in Sihanoukville province will be gifted free 500MB of data and 30 mins of talk-time over the weekend to help families stay in contact as emergency response teams evacuate areas and direct residents to safe centres.

The free data and voice will be valid for seven days, after which rains are expected to ease.

Cellcard will also ensure customers get the direct emergency contact numbers via text message to ensure people can get the help they need quickly.

Many residents are being sheltered at the Life University where Cellcard is erecting a free charging booth to keep phones charged and customers connected.

“In situations like these mobile phones play a critical role in rescue operations and in giving families peace of mind knowing their loved ones are safe,” said Cellcard Chief Executive Officer Ian Watson.

“Cellcard will do what it can to ensure phones are working and that they don’t run out of balance when they need it most.

“As the only Cambodian-owned operator, and with the best performing network across the Kingdom, Cellcard is there for our customers and they can count on us during these times of need.”

Anyone in Sihanoukville needing emergency support should call 061 777 111 and be ready to provide their name, location and any injuries.

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