Cellcard steps up service commitment and launches new plan Cellcard4U to help customers keep connected | Cellcard

Cellcard steps up service commitment and launches new plan Cellcard4U to help customers keep connected

Published Date: March, Monday 23, 2020

Cellcard today announced a number of new measures and a range of enhanced offers and services to assist all Cellcard customers through these difficult times.

The people of Cambodia can rely on Cellcard to stand by its customers and give them comfort in the knowledge that we will be doing absolutely everything we can to keep all services in full operation around the clock, said Cellcard Chief Executive Ian Watson.

Cellcard will ensure that we fully support all of our customers to get the care, safety, and reassurance they need at this time, so Cellcard is putting into action additional measures to guarantee our service commitment to them.

“Cellcard is increasing the number of Customer Care Agents to increase the call capacity of our Contact Centre 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If customers need our assistance, we will be there on that call to give them the support they need,” Mr. Watson said.

“From today, our Cellcard stores nation-wide will be extending their hours of operation for an additional hour on weekdays and Saturdays from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. And if any Cellcard customer loses their SIM card, and cannot get to a store, we will arrange a new one to be delivered to them directly, nationwide.

“Our network engineers and entire Technology team, managing all of our infrastructure and operating systems are ready 24 hours a day to respond to any situation that may occur.

“Cellcard will do everything it can to keep this country connected, day in and day out, no matter what.”

To further support the need for communications in the difficult times Cellcard announced the launch of a new plan Cellcard4U that enables customers to rollover data, voice and SMS so they can use it later if needed, Mr. Watson said.

“If customers don’t use their full allowance, we will roll-over that balance to their next week and they can continue to accumulate any unused balance for a full 12 months,” he said.

“We will also give customers who stay active on the plan every fourth week, completely free of charge.

“This new offer is to help everyone during these difficult times to remain connected, and it signals to all Cambodians that Cellcard is here for you and we always meet your expectations and commitment to remain first for value, first for service and first for quality together with the very best network experience in Cambodia.”

“We fully understand that as the only 100% Cambodian-owned mobile operator and being Proudly Khmer we must ensure that we continue to support all Cambodians during these difficult times.

“We are here for you as we stand together. Our new offer is exciting and the first of its kind in Cambodia and means that all of our customers can keep connected with their loved ones at an affordable price.

“That’s our commitment from all of the Cellcard team as we work to keep Cambodia connected with affordable offers.

Cellcard 4U comes at a rate of 5000 Riels a week giving 5GB of data, 5000 mins, and 500 SMS. Customers who top up each week, for three weeks, will automatically get the fourth week free for as long as they stay on the plan.

Any Cellcard customer can move to the plan by dialing *5000#.
New customers can dial 012 812812 or go to any store or dealer for their free SIM to get started.

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