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Cellcard rewards top performers

Published Date: August, Wednesday 02, 2017

Cellcard has treated a group of more than 30 employees to an exclusive weekend away as part of its reward and recognition programs for top Sales performers.

The group – named the 100% Club – consists of those who achieve 100% of their Quality Gross Add targets to new customers of Cellcard.

Cellcard booked them on all-expenses paid weekend to Sokha Beach at Sihanouk and Bokor Mountain, Kampot where they enjoyed further team-building activities as well as sightseeing and relaxation.

Cellcard Chief People Officer, Nicky Enriquez, said the trip was well deserved as adding new customers in a highly competitive market was not an easy task.

“These team members have shown their colleagues some of the best ways to sell and to engage with customers,” Mrs. Enriquez said.

“Although the Cellcard brand is strong, selling is the culmination of many things including price, customer service, network coverage and quality and of course personality of the seller.

“We thank our 100% Club Awardee for doing an excellent job, and we know our new customers are also appreciative and enjoying the benefits of being with Cellcard.”

She said Cellcard was a committed to being an Employer of Choice and attracting and retaining some of the best talent in Cambodia and beyond.


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