Cellcard launches Donation Drive to Aid Flood Victims with its biggest musical production | Cellcard

Cellcard launches Donation Drive to Aid Flood Victims with its biggest musical production

Published Date: October, Thursday 15, 2020

Cellcard announced today that it will kick off a donation drive in aid of relief and rehabilitation efforts in areas affected by the recent severe flooding impacting the lives and livelihoods of Cambodians in 17 of Cambodia’s 25 provinces.

The donation drive will see the launch of Cellcard’s biggest thematic project of the year – an original song and collaborative project between Cellcard, SongKites and eight of Cambodia’s biggest and best stars. The song is dedicated to the strength and resilience of the Cambodian people. Originally meant to inspire and celebrate Cambodia’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, the project will see an early release with the intent of spreading positivity and aiding flood victims with a unique donation drive during these difficult times.

The song, entitled “Wonderful World”, features the vocals of Princess Norodom Jenna, Reth Suzanna, Meas Soksophea, Khan James, Heng Pitu, Khat Sokim and Eva. The audio file will be available for download in Cellcard’s Calltunes platform for $0.20, while the high quality music video will be available in Cellcard Music Streaming for $0.05/day.

All proceeds from the Calltune downloads and Music Streaming subscriptions from the period of 15 Oct – 31 Oct will be donated to the Red Cross to support their emergency response to the needs of thousands of people flooded out of their homes. The donation will be supporting the provision of food, shelter and clean drinking water to victims as well as the Red Cross volunteers who are aiding rescues and evacuations.

Cellcard Chief Executive Officer Ian Watson said the entire Cellcard team and Royal Group employees were deeply concerned for the safety and welfare of those affected by the floods.

“We are united in our action to launch the campaign to raise urgent funding as well as ensure all our operations and services are fully robust and working to keep families connected.

“We urge everyone to join in solidarity with Cellcard, Royal Group and all of the amazing talents who have contributed to producing this new music collaboration.

“We stand by our commitment to our customers in need and stay focused in our efforts to aid the recovery of communities from both the floods and the pandemic.”

For more information, please visit Cellcard Website or call 012812812/ 812.


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