Cellcard gives away a generator a day to support families during power outages | Cellcard

Cellcard gives away a generator a day to support families during power outages

Published Date: March, Wednesday 27, 2019

Cellcard has announced that it will give 60 generators away to customers to help families impacted by the current power outages across the Kingdom.

The announcement will see Cellcard add the generators to the prize pool in its very popular Top-Up & Win promotion, which gives everyday rewards to those who add $1 or more to their main balance.

Cellcard Chief Executive Officer Ian Watson said the company usually gifted prizes such as mobile phones, motorbikes, iPhone wearables and free data and voice, but wanted to give more needed items such as generators to help families currently being impacted.

“With the current electrical failures we know that generators are in short supply and the cost is rising each day,”Mr Watson said.

“The generators will help families in various ways, from pumping water, to powering their homes or operating machinery for their small businesses.”

He said Cellcard also was increasing its use of alternate power adding many more generators to power their tower sites, especially in the provinces.

“70% of our towers are powered by solar, and with additional generators we can ensure customers on our network can still enjoy a quality and reliable service,”Mr Watson said.

“Cellcard 4G LTE is the fastest and most reliable mobile data in Cambodia and we are committed to continuing our service promise even during difficult times such as major electrical failures.”

The Top-Up and Win promotion with generators as prizes – in addition to all other prizes – will run for 60 days from March 27 to 25 May.

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