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Cellcard gets serious about youth

Published Date: March, Thursday 30, 2017

Cellcard today launched its new approach to the youth segment with a dazzling event revealing new initiatives.

The event included:

  • Introducing the Cellcard Brand Ambassadors
  • Announcing the Cellcard Super Data Race
  • And revealing for the first time, the Cellcard Youth Pledge and Activation Brand

All three initiatives are designed to engage young people in a different way and to show that Cellcard is serious about improving its knowledge and understanding of the needs and wants of the nation’s youth.

Cellcard’s Brand director Cheryl Gray said that youth were the future of the nation and were deserving of better service and understanding from operators.

“We are taking a new direction and giving young people a voice and a say in our brand,” she said.

“Our ambassadors will help guide us and provide us valuable insights, our activations will help us engage and excite young people and our mobile data will provide them the fastest and most affordable access to the online world.

“We want to get closer and ensure we offer better value and relevance to youth and give them every opportunity to stay connected to discover, build friendships, learn and grow in line with every other country in the region.

“Cambodia is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia, we should not be left behind in terms of digitising both the economy and community.”

As the only Cambodian-owned operator, Cellcard has a closer interest in the country’s future and having longer term vision for prosperity and economic growth.

Mobile data is an enabler, but can only be done by enabling everyone and that means providing aff​​ordable data access for all.

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