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Cellcard first to launch eSIM

Published Date: December, Thursday 20, 2018

Today Cellcard revealed its plan to launch an eSIM service with a major Chinese technology partner before the end of the year.

The eSIM service will be an app-based solution enabling Chinese visitors to connect to Cellcard’s award-winning 4G LTE network without a physical SIM card.

The new technology is one of a number of 5th Generation products and services that Cellcard is working on as part of its overall readiness for 5G.

Cellcard Chief Executive Officer Ian Watson said this first eSIM service was a great step forward in Cellcard’s plans to drive digitisation in Cambodia.

“Our customers will have access to a whole new range of services that will open their world to new content, experiences and conveniences, “he said.

“The eSIM is one of our 5th generation services that can operate in its initial stages on our existing 4G LTE network. As we bring in pre-5G and then 5G, these services will rapidly expand in capability, speed and flexibility to connect to and operate with other machines, devices and systems.”

Cellcard will partner with Chinese technology giant China-ASEAN Information Harbour (CAIH) which hosted part of the Digital Silk Road programme in Nanning in September where Cellcard’s 5G vision was initially revealed.

“The Chinese is a growing and important segment for Cambodia which will require us to adapt and modernise our approach to ICT in general,”Mr Watson said.

“We need to better understand their needs and behaviours and also be present across their core communications channels.

“This eSIM service will enable us to better understand the segment and to build out our future service offerings in line with expected growth in both Chinese visitors and residents.”

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