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Cellcard enforces stricter safety measures for employees and customers

Published Date: April, Tuesday 13, 2021

This Khmer New Year, Cellcard is supporting the Ministry of Health’s 3 dos and don’ts campaign to help make all Cambodians and foreigners aware of its importance across all TV, radio and social media channels.

The campaign urges everyone to DO: wash their hands, wear masks and social distance and DON’T: go to closed areas, go to crowded areas or touch others such as shaking hands.

Cellcard Chief Executive Officer Ian Watson said it was critical that as many people as possible understand the Royal Government’s message to help stop the spread of infection during the holiday period.

“As the country’s only 100% Cambodian-owned mobile company, we are committed to keeping customers and employees safe and will do everything possible to support the Kingdom at this time.

“Cellcard has continued to invest in its 4G LTE network this year, increasing the number of sites and delivering both better coverage and capacity. We have also increased our customer service capacity to assist in any questions our customers have.

“In addition, we continue to support the Royal Government’s safety measures across all of the Cellcard stores and we urge all of our customers to use the many digital services available for topping up their mobile phones. We have given extra incentives to customers to use these channels, thus further reducing the need to visit stores.

“We now have a full end-to-end digital programme available to give customers safety and convenience,” he said. “In Phnom Penh, Cellcard SIM cards are easy to order on home delivery Apps including Wing Mall, Nham 24 and Smile Shop, and our self-registration process enables customers to activate their SIM cards and start using their plans within 20 minutes of ordering.

“At Cellcard we have been rigorous with our safety procedures and protocols from the start of the pandemic, but with the recent outbreak we are re-enforcing the Royal Government’s guidelines for everyone’s safety.

“We have digitised many of our procedures to enable the majority of our employees to work remotely from their homes to reduce the risk and keep all aspects of the network, systems and customer service fully operational.”

Part of the digitisation efforts include a daily online survey for all employees to report their location, travel, temperature and any health symptoms,

Another daily survey asks employees whether they were in the vicinity of reported hot spots and infected locations, with quarantine procedures for any employees reported at risk, thereby keeping our employees and customers safe.

Mr Watson added that Cellcard would ensure that the Ministry of Health’s safety message is communicated across all major channels including nationwide TV, radio broadcasts, SMS blasts and all social media, with the full support of influencers and talents.

He said the campaign was one of many ways that Cellcard and Royal Group were supporting the Kingdom through the pandemic, and follows the Royal Group Chairman, Neak Okhna Kith Meng and Lok Chumteav Mao Chamnan’s many recent donations to help fight the pandemic.

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