Cellcard champions gaming for all with Playgame Unlimited and a new unlimited data offer. | Cellcard

Cellcard champions gaming for all with Playgame Unlimited and a new unlimited data offer.

Published Date: March, Wednesday 02, 2022

January 25, 2022 – Just days after opening a milestone event in partnership with the Esports Federation of Cambodia (EFC) – the Road to 31st SEAGAMES National Tournament, Cellcard releases another installment to its gamer data bundle – Playgame Unlimited.

Playgame Unlimited which was launched in 2020 is both a gaming data bundle and ecosystem services that opens to all gamers regardless of age, location or SIM that they use. The platform comes with a subscription access and self-care, a game store for all gamers’ gaming needs, its own currency – PlayCoins, as well as tournament news, updates and registration access.

At the center of the Playgame Unlimited platform is the Playgame Unlimited data bundle which offers unlimited gaming data across some of the biggest gaming titles in the world. Initially including PUBGM, MLBB and RoS, the bundle was updated late last year to include Garena Free Fire, allowing gamers to have unlimited gaming data across more games, under the banner of a 4-in-1 Unlimited Gaming data offer.

Today Playgame Unlimited gets yet another update, leveling up its offer from a 4-in-1 to a 5-in-1 with the addition of Bullet Angel. Bullet Angel is a modern and stylish FPS mobile game by Xshot developer. Launched originally as a PC game, it has gained quite a following in SEA, and has a growing community of players in Cambodia.


“Awareness and interest for the category has been on an uptrend in Cambodia, and it is our intent to continue fueling that growth and fulfilling the needs of this emerging consumer segment. Data is the driving force of the category and this is why we continue to improve our Playgame Unlimited bundle with more game titles to play within our unlimited data offer, making it more and more inclusive to all gamers.” – Cellcard CEO, Simon Perkins.


The new Playgame Unlimited 5-in-1 is available for as low as $1/week, and comes with 210 On-Net Mins/SMS, and extra 5GB data for all other internet needs on top of the 5-in-1 Unlimited Data to play PUBGM, MLBB, RoS, FreeFire, and Bullet Angel.

Registration to the Playgame Unlimited portal is open to all gamers regardless of SIM. All gamers can access the tournament news, updates and registrations as well as shop for all their game currencies, items and other entertainment vouchers even if they are not on a Cellcard SIM or subscription. The Playgame Unlimited Shop offers PUBGM UC, RoS Diamonds, Garena Shells, Steam, Play Station Credit, Xbox Gift Cards, Nintendo eShop Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, Apple Gift Cards, Netflix Gift Cards, Spotify Gift Cards, Amazon Gift cards, and Roblox Gift Cards and more.

Cellcard’s entered the esports category in 2019 with the intent of providing service and support to an underserved segment. Since then, the brand has initiated numerous first-to-market initiatives that has hastened the category’s and the community’s growth, together with its exclusive partnership with the Esports Federation of Cambodia.

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