Cellcard shows how its Digital Lifestyle Innovations enable & empower a new generation of connected consumers at the 2023 Innovation Festival hosted by CADT. | Cellcard

Cellcard shows how its Digital Lifestyle Innovations enable & empower a new generation of connected consumers at the 2023 Innovation Festival hosted by CADT.

Published Date: June, Thursday 01, 2023

The innovation Festival is an annual event that celebrates the latest advancements in technology, bring together industry leaders, professionals, technology experts and students.

The full day event serves as a knowledge-sharing platform for innovative brands to showcase breakthroughs, insights and use cases through a series of workshop and open forums that inspire knowledge transfer and collaboration.

This year’s Innovation Festival touched on multiple themes covering Innovations R&D to AI Advancements.

One of the hihglights of the festival are presentations and product demonstrations from it’s main sponsor, Cellcard, which offered real-life data applications in developing insightful innovations that enable and enhance its customers’ digital lifestyle experiences.

Cellcard’s Director of Digital Lifestyle Products, Mr. Navuth Phon, delivered the opening address of the festival as well as hosted a 1-hour presentation and workshop highlighting the role of data as a driver for innovation.

“Successful innovations are innovations that provide significant advantage in the lives of its consumers. Services can only be labeled as innovations if they can help accomplish tasks faster, easier, or provide new benefits altogether. That is why when we talk about innovations, we also talk about data, because the driver of innovation is knowledge of current needs and gaps. There could be no true innovation without data.” —  Mr. Navuth Phon, Director of Digital Lifestyle Products, Cellcard.

Big Data which has also been the industry buzz word since the turn of the century was also discussed at length. A 1-hour presentation and workshop, hosted by Cellcard’s Head of MIS & DSS, Mr. Samaun Mech, discussed the importance of Big Data in achieving Industry 4.0, getting a 360-degree understanding of customers, and the ever-changing requirements of consumers as we approach an increasingly digitalised economy.

“Big Data is the consolidation of all data about our customers. This is imperative in product development as well as in the marketing and communication processes. Without full knowledge of our customers’ journeys, pain points, and needs, we cannot achieve innovation. That’s why, in the area of data gathering, there has also been significant development to improve the way we gather, categorize, analyze, and deliver data to meet all the data requirements of multiple and various business units. Data is the fuel for Cellcard’s decisions and operations.” — Mr.  Samaun Mech, Head of MIS & DSS, Cellcard.

Together with these workshops, Cellcard demonstrations were also held, giving event participants the opportunity to learn more, sample and play some of its latest and award-winning digital products. These included Cellcard’s award-winning gaming platform, Playgame Unlimited, it’s latest gaming product, Gaming Aarena, educational quiz platform, iKnow iKnow, and Video-On-Demand, Sastra Film.

The event, held on 31 May at the CADT Innovation Center was supported by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, included the participation and attendance of UDAYA, ONLINE, Sombok IT, Proseth Institute RUPP, ITC, NIA, AUPP and PARAGON.

Cellcard is awarded “Cambodia’s Best Digital Lifestyle Provider 2023” by the International Business Magazine, and “Cambodia’s Best Digital Services Innovator 2023” by the Global Brands Magazine. Cellcard is also the title holder for “Operator of the Year 2023” awarded at the Asia Telecoms Award, as well as the Ookla Speed Test and Opensignal performance Winners as “Cambodia’s Fastest Mobile Network.”


For more information about Cellcard, visit www.cellcard.com.kh

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