Published Date: October, Friday 20, 2023

PHNOM PENH, KINGDOM OF CAMBODIA – October 20, 2023, CamGSM Plc. announced that it had held an Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) of its shareholders on October 19, 2023, at 9:30-11:00 a.m. The EGM of its shareholders was conducted online, and the voting process was managed through the ‘E-Voting System’ web application developed by CamGSM Plc.

The EGM secured the shareholders’ resolution about two important matters.

  1. The amendment of the Memorandum of Articles of Association of the CamGSM Plc. pursuant to the successful Initial Public Offering (IPO).
  2. The decision regarding the distribution of the Guaranteed Minimum Dividend for the period until the next General Meeting of the shareholders.

Both matters required shareholders’ resolutions due to CamGSM Plc. becoming listed on the Cambodia Stock Exchange on 27 June 2023. While the amendment to the Memorandum of Articles of Association is simply a legal matter to document the change of ownership structure due to the IPO. However, the resolution to distribute quarterly dividends to shareholders is a significant business decision to reward those who invested in CamGSM Plc. with an attractive 7% annual Minimum Guaranteed Dividend.

Therefore, the holders of Class A (Voting) Shares will receive an annual Minimum Guaranteed Dividend of 7% paid quarterly in four equal portions, subject to being a Cellcard subscriber. The Minimum Guaranteed Dividend is calculated as the total number of shares held by the shareholder on the Record Date, multiplied by the Initial Public Offering price of Riel 2,270 per share. The Record Date will be communicated officially by ACLEDA Bank Plc., the RTP agent of CamGSM Plc.

To ensure eligibility for the quarterly part of the 7% annual Minimum Guaranteed Dividend Cambodian resident shareholders of Class A (Voting) shares must be an active Cellcard customer registered with their own valid personal identity documents at the Cellcard’s subscriber’s registry on the Record Date.

CAMGSM Plc. is committed to keep distributing the annual 7% Minimum Guaranteed Dividend payable quarterly to the Class A (Voting) Shares for the period of 5 years following its IPO.

In case of any inquiries please visit the Investor Relation website of CamGSM Plc. at ;

or send an e-mail to

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