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Cellcard launches Super Data Race – Phnom Penh

Published Date: April, Wednesday 12, 2017

Cellcard today launched the Super Data Race – Phnom Penh – to be held on April 29.

The race is expected to attract hundreds of people to complete a series of treasure hunt tasks across the capital using a specially designed App.

Tasks include using augmented reality  to reveal clues and locations. The first participant to complete all tasks will be awarded $5,000 cash. Second prize is a new Zoomer X, third place winner receives a new Iphone 7 and the following 10 finishers will receive free mobile data for a year.

The event is a celebration of Cellcard’s monumental network upgrade which has seen hundreds of new 4G towers installed across the country as well as upgrading 3G towers to boost both coverage and speed.

Once completed, Cellcard will offer the people of Cambodia the biggest, fastest mobile data in the country.

Cellcard CEO Ian Watson said the Data Race was designed to demonstrate just how good the network was in Phnom Penh, and that other locations would follow as the event is taken across the country.

“We don’t expect everyday people to understand network speeds and technology jargon, but rather we give customers the actual experience and they can make their own judgements.

“We’ve invested heavily to improve network coverage and speed because we are serious about our vision to give affordable access to mobile data to all.

“This is backed up by our best value offers such as Osja X-Change $1=$100, Big Love $1=$250, and there will be more coming soon.”

He said the app was fully integrated with Facebook enabling friends and families to follow participants and cheer them to the finish line

“Contestants can join us for an after party to celebrate with the Cellcard team – many of whom have worked on the network upgrade for the past 12 months.

“My greatest thanks to all my team for their contribution towards our vision to give the people of Cambodia the best network experience at affordable rates.”

The Super Data Race is open to everyone, however they will need a Cellcard SIM to validate their entry and access the App.

Register now – Dial #5555# for Cellcard users. For non-Cellcard users, please come to collect a free SIM to register!

Participants will then need to come to the Cellcard office, between 9am and 6pm, the day before the big race to download the app and receive final instructions.

The Race will get under way at 2pm on April 29, starting at 3G Futsal, Phnomh Penh.

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