Hundrends of VannDa Fans Flock to Cellcard for Special Sales Event | Cellcard

Hundrends of VannDa Fans Flock to Cellcard for Special Sales Event

Published Date: July, Wednesday 20, 2022

Phnom Penh – July 19,  2022

With the recent launch of Cellcard’s newest flagship product Time To Rise, a host of content and activations featuring VannDa are taking social media by storm, and yesterday was sno exception, Cellard’s Head Office had an unexpected outpouring of support from the Vannda fandom.


Part of the Time To Rise roll out was a special sales event at the Cellcard Head Office, offering Vannda fans who purchase their Time To Rise SIM packs at the venue a free limited edition Time To Rise t-shirt as well as the opportunity to meet their idol to get their merchandise autographed and photo opt with VannDa.

People start queueing in front of Cellcard’s office three hours prior to the scheduled meet & greet. And despite bad weather, fans patiently awaited their chance to have a one-on-one with their idol.

The sales event attracted some of the artist’s strongest supporters, including the youngest artist fan ever, Princess Jenna Norodom, and fans that have seen him throughout his entire career..

The meet & greet session which was originally scheduled within a 2-hour window (3:30PM – 5:30PM) was extended, as requested by Vannda himself, all the way to 7:30PM with the super star not wanting to leave any of his fans unattended.

Prior to the sales event, VannDa also engaged with Cellcard  employees  nationwide  via a Teams meeting, and spent time to personally meet and greet  those in HQ.

The Time to Rise product range offer bundles inclusive of unlimited Spotify streaming data, extra data allowance, calls and SMS, as well as 1-year balance rollover. The range consists of 2 SKUs;  4,000 Riels plan with 5GB, 500 on-net calls and 500 on-net SMS for 7 days, and 24,000 Riels plan with 40GB, 4,000 on-net calls, 4,000 on-net SMS for 35 days. The product is available as a subscription plan for those who already have a Cellcard SIM, and as a SIM pack with exclusive Time To Rise and Vannda merchandise for the higher SKU SIM kit, which includes a fabric mask, sticker and VannDa photo card in limited quantities.

Time To Rise SIM packs with the 4,000 Riels plan is available at all dealers nationwide. Meanwhile the Time To Rise SIM packs with the 24,000 Riels plan and Time To Rise merchandise is exclusively available at all Cellcard stores, convenience stores and delivery apps such as Nham24, SmileShop, WingMall among others.

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