Cellcard Launches 4-in-1 Unlimited Data Plan for the Kingdom’s Mobile Gaming Community | Cellcard

Cellcard Launches 4-in-1 Unlimited Data Plan for the Kingdom’s Mobile Gaming Community

Published Date: November, Monday 01, 2021

The game is on with the launch of Cellcard’s new, PlayGame Unlimited that comes with unlimited data to help Cambodia’s gamers increase their competition.

Avid e-gamers can now have even more fun, thanks to Cellcard’s latest offer and the raft of benefits it brings.

The new PlayGame Unlimited plan gives customers access to unlimited data for just $1 a week. This means gamers can have endless fun competing on PUBG Mobile, MLBB, RoS and FREE FIRE.

In addition, gamers can move up the scoreboard further as PlayGame Unlimited offers extra gigabytes for data usage. Gamers can also cash in on free PlayCoins to buy game currency and other items in the PlayGame store.

As part of Cellcard’s pledge to provide a platform for the Kingdom’s gaming community to grow, the company is gearing up to introduce additional features to help players up their game. This includes freemium offers for cloud games and premium tournaments for Cellcard Gamers.

The move is the latest in the 100 percent Cambodian-owned telecom’s commitment to provide a platform for the nation’s flourishing e-gamers to shine as well as further grow the local esports industry.

Cellcard CEO  Simon Perkins said this forms a key strategic element of the company’s pledge to build a strong esports and gaming ecosystem as Cambodia’s leading mobile game provider.

“Cellcard positions itself in the heart of communities so we can listen to what our subscribers want. As e-gaming has grown in popularity worldwide, we want to give Cambodians an arena to perform on the global stage.

“By forging strong partnerships and collaborations, organising national tournaments and creating a solid community, we have achieved just that – and this is only the beginning of Cambodia’s extremely promising esports story,” Simon said.

He added that Cellcard has successfully created a strong gaming community countrywide through a range of measures. These include working with E-Sports Federation Cambodia to develop a series of tournaments, as well as collaborating with Moonton, NetEase Games, Tencent Thailand and leading gaming influencers.

Cellcard has also made it easier for gamers to compete by offering access to digital currency in the form of PlayCoins that can be spent in the PlayGame Unlimited Store.

“Cellcard has enabled Cambodians to find a passion for esports and create their own community, and we will continue to provide both beginner and advanced gamers with the best the industry has to offer,” said Simon.

For more information on PlayGame, visit https://play.com.kh/


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