Unlimited Roaming Internet | Cellcard

Can I use one plan in different country?

Yes, you can use one plan in different country if these countries are in the same plan.

If I Roam in non-preferred operator, can I use Unlimited Roaming Internet plan?

You cannot use Unlimited Roaming Internet plan on non-preferred operator.

Please check our preferred operator Here,

How to make call while Roaming?

[+][Country code & Phone Number]


  • Call back to Cambodia: +85512812812
  • Call to Thailand: +6626474491

Are Voice call and SMS included in the Unlimited Roaming Internet?

No! Outgoing call, Incoming Call and SMSMO will be charged based on our roaming rates: Please click here for more detail.

How can I know if I subscribe the plan successful or not?

You will receive successful SMS notification.

How do I activate Unlimited Roaming Internet from Cellcard App?

Please go to the Cellcard Home Page -> International Service -> Roaming Internet  and choose plan to subscribe.

What is fair usage policy?

Fair Use Policy is put in place with the objective of protecting subscribers’ equal rights to access Cellcard’s internet services. With this in mind, the Fair Use Policy acts to police unfair and unreasonable consumption of data, which can negatively affect other subscribers’ usage and experience.  Examples of customers who abuse the Fair Use Policy are customers using Cellcard Internet for Internet cafes, SIM boxes, or customers selling the data services for profit. When a subscriber reaches unfair or abusive usage of the data service, Cellcard reserves the right to slow down data speed or in other cases, terminate the service to protect the majority of customers using the service.