RoS Player Pack | Cellcard

1. How can I redeem RoS diamonds?

ou can redeem your RoS diamonds in Cellcard App. Follow the link here

2. I don’t receive my gift code after subscribing to RoS Player Pack. How can I get my gift voucher?

If you don’t receive your gift code, please chat with our agent or call 812 for support.

3. Can I use my 5GB for other internet usages?

Yes. You can use your 5GB for other internet usages.

4. How can I unsubscribe from RoS Player Pack?

Please go to Cellcard App. Download here

5. What happens when I subscribe to multiple RoS Player Packs?

Your RoS Player Pack data will be store in multiple bucks. Each bucket will have its own validity. Auto-renewal subscription will follow the last subscription.