Big Love | Cellcard


You can choose one of your BIG LOVE below:

BIGLOVE $1 call 898 & press 1 or dial *898*100#

BIGLOVE $2 call 898 & press 2 or dial *898*200#

BIGLOVE $8 call 898 & press 3 or dial *898*800#

You can also send BIG LOVE to friends as gifts!

To send BIGLOVE $1, dial *898*phone number*100#

To send BIGLOVE $2,  dial *898*phone number*200#

To send BIGLOVE $8, dial *898*phone number*800#

Can I subscribe to BIG LOVE if my account is inactive?

Sorry, you can only subscribe to BIG LOVE with an active account. If your account is inactive, please top up.

Can I send BIG LOVE as a gift to a friend even if his account is inactive?

Yes, once your friend receives BIG LOVE, his/her number will be shifted to active.