About Tamjet | Cellcard

Who are eligible to be my TamJet minute sharing members?

All prepaid Cellcard subscribers can be your minute sharing members (except WLL).

Can I be a minute sharing member if I am a TamJet subscriber?

No, TamJet subscribers cannot be minute sharing member of another TamJet subscriber

Can one person get minutes from multiple TamJet subscribers?

No, Minute sharing members can only be included in one TamJet subscriber’s minute sharing list. This means they can only share minutes from one TamJet subscriber at a time.

What is the difference between auto and non-auto renewal?

Choosing auto renewal for your TamJet plan means that after your TamJet plan expires, Cellcard will automatically re-subscribe to a new TamJet plan for you. This saves you the hassle of redialing subscription short codes every time. Choosing non-auto renewal means that you are subscribing to a plan only one time. After your plan expires, Cellcard will not renew your plan for you. You will have to re-subscribe manually.