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If I change SIM card or phone, can I still access the contents/apps that I’ve purchased using my old SIM card or phone?

yes if the new SIM is Cellcard and if your google mail account remains the same.

What happens If I accidentally deleted the content/ app that I purchased?

You can download the same content again without getting charged.

From which merchants can customers purchase contents using Pay with Cellcard Main Balance Service?

At launch, it would be Sabay KING OF CARDS game (download the game from playstore for Android and app store for iOS)

Can Subscribers purchase content while using Wifi?

Yes but with verification process. Cellcard will send a 4-digit PINcode via SMS.

When there are generic error messages displayed like “ERROR MESSAGE” OR “PAYMENT CANCELLED” what does it mean?

It could mean any of the following:

  • There is technical problem/system error during your transaction

Solution: Wait for a while and try again

  • You are not using Cellcard or you are on a postpaid plan

Solution: Make sure you are using Cellcard prepaid

  • You have entered the incorrect phone number when registering on wifi for the first time

Solution: Make sure you have entered a valid Cellcard number on prepaid.

  • You have entered the incorrect PIN code

Solution: Make sure you have entered correct PIN code

  • It takes you too long to enter the PIN code

Solution: Make sure you have entered the PIN code within 10 min from the time PIN code is received via SMS

  • You do not have sufficient air time credit (on your main balance) to complete the purchase

Solution: Top up and try again

When there is another generic error message displayed like “SORRY, YOU HAVE EXCEEDED YOUR LIMIT OF 5 PAYMENTS IN 1 DAY, PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER” what does it mean?

It means you have either exceeded the amount of 9.99 USD per transaction, or with a maximum cumulative amount of 20.00 USD per day or with a maximum of 5 transactions per day

Solution: Wait for the next 24 hours and retry the transaction again (24 hours from each of your 5 transactions).

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