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To browse Calltunes’ library “Calltune Zone”, Call 2727

To download your favorite song, dial #2727#Song Code#



  • To see the main menu of Calltunes, dial #2727#
  • To copy Calltunes from others: press * while you are calling to others and hearing their Calltunes
  • To see how many songs you have in your album, SMS LIST to 2727
  • To delete Calltunes : SMS D [song code] to 2727
  • To request Calltunes’s codes, call 812
  • To unsubscribe Calltunes : Dial #2727#0#
  • To browse Calltune’s library “Calltune Zone”, Call 2727 for only 2c/day
  • To unsubscribe to Calltune Zone, dial 2929 then press #


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