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The network is the backbone that keeps everyone connected to the people and things that matter most. Our team of engineers is always on the go. Swapping out old technologies for new and relocating towers and sites to continually improve network service. And they are fixing and repairing where problems occur, especially with storms and heavy construction which can damage the network.

But rest assured, our expert engineers work around the clock to get the network back up and running as fast as possible


Date of outage : 27/7/2021 Time: 19:16
Service Interruption : You may be experiencing interruption on voice calls and Internet
Partial area in (province): Koh Kong
District: Khemara Phoumin  Mondol Seima  Kiri Sakor  Botum Sakor
Microwave link problem
Resolution: Restored at 28-July-2021 05:40