Imagine doing less of the administrative tasks, being able to access information and work from any device at any location, and increasing the satisfaction of your customers all at the same time.  

Our Property Management system does just that and more.  

It’s a cloud-based system that gives you all the tools you need to simplify and automate administrative tasks, centralise all information and communication between you and your tenants, and track your business performance via a dashboard​ 

Features and benefits: 

  • Keep all your property rental data, such as tenant information and rental contracts, secure and accessible from any device anywhere via Cloud storage.  
  • Schedule and automate rental invoicing. ​ 
  • Schedule and automate the posting of announcements, reminders and rental updates. 
  • Provide your tenants a convenient online self-service platform to access their bills, report issues, make requests and keep in touch.   
  • Get reports and data analysis to help you identify new opportunities and inefficiencies in your property management.  


  • Save cost – cut costs in hardware, energy bills and manpower related to managing, storing, filing data and documents.   
  • Save time – cut time spent preparing, printing and delivering invoices and sending payment reminders.  
  • Improve customer service – give your tenants the convenience of open access to all their rental information as well as a venue to file requests, report maintenance issues and ask questions whenever they need to.   
  • Stay organised – access real-time data and manage tasks via the Cellcard Property Management Service dashboard.   
  • Secure your data - keep your data safe and accessible from any device, anywhere via Cloud storage.  
  • Improve performance – generate comprehensive reports and analysis of your business performance to see areas of improvement.   
No​  Description​  Unit Price Cost​ 
1​  Unit price for Full Package​  $10/Unit/month​ 
2​  One Time Setup Fee (Web Portal & Mobile APP)​  $2,000​ 

Terms & Conditions ​

  • Prices are VAT exclusive. ​
  • Upon sign-up and activation, the customer is required to sign a​ one-year contract.
  • Customers can access the system through a Web platform or amobile app. ​


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