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Experience the ultimate in internet usage with Cellcard Home Wi-Fi. Surf and stream high-speed local content on popular sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, etc. With the bundle offered by Cellcard, you get both fiber optic internet and extra benefits on your mobile network.


Choosing your internet package

  • 30Mbps – 50Mbps: ideal for small households or 3-5 devices for browsing local content or streaming HD videos.
  • 100Mbps – 150Mbps: ideal for medium-sized households such as Boreys/apartments or 5-15 devices for live streaming or online gaming (2-4 devices simultaneously).
  • 200Mbps: ideal for large households or 15-20 devices for 4K video streaming or Smart TVs (up to 2 units) or up to 15 security cameras.

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