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Cellcard Kjey Sen

Our Cellcard Kjey Sen service helps you always stay connected to family and friends, even if you run out credit.

It’s a new convenience for customers who have a low balance but need to make an urgent voice call, send SMS or use the internet.

So if you can’t get to a store or dealer for a top-up then simply use the Kjey Sen service for an immediate credit of up to $2.

This credit can be used to:

  • Call or SMS on any network
  • Subscribe to Osja and Big Love to enjoy the internet

Don’t let no balance ruin your day!

Please see below how to get your balance advance.

There are different codes for the amounts you need starting from 30c.

Validity is 1 day for balance advances up to $1, then 2 days for $1.50 and above.

Kjey Sen Amount Fee Validity How to subscribe
30 cents 5 cents 1 day *8899*30#
50 cents 5 cents 1 day *8899*50#
$1 10 cents 1 day *8899*100#
$1.50 20 cents 2 days *8899*150#
$2 20 cents 2 days *8899*200#


To check your Kjey Sen balance: #823#

To check loan history: *8899*0#