Kjey Sen | Cellcard

Don’t let no balance ruin your day! Stay connected even when you run out of balance with Kjey Sen.

Don’t wait to be disconnected. Subscribe to an emergency bundle loan or monetary loan to ensure you always have extra credit to make calls, send SMS or use the internet when you need it most.

To see Kjey Sen menu, dial *8899#


Monetary loan

Loan amount Fee Recovery Validity
50 cents 10 cents 60 cents 1 day
$1 20 cents $1.20 2 days
$2 40 cents $2.40 2 days



Emergency bundle loan

Loan amount Fee Recovery Benefits Validity
40 cents 10 cents 50 cents $50 for data, on-net SMS and calls 1 day


To check loan history, dial *8899*0#

To request maximum loan amount: *8899*1#