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Enjoy longer validity and bigger offer from  Kjey  Sen service!  

Stay connected although you run out of balance no matter what time.   

Our Kjey Sen service is getter better with longer validity and bigger offer of each bundle.   

To subscribe, dial *1699# 

We have variety choices to choose based on your need.  


What is Kjey Sen service?

Kjey Sen is a loan service that lets all eligible prepaid subscribers to receive an airtime advance depending on their eligibility terms and conditions, and then repay it after their main amount has been refilled.

What is the meaning of an “Emergency Bundle Loan”?

Emergency bundle is a package loan that allows a subscribers to use data, internet calls, and SMS.

What is the process for obtaining/applying for a loan?

Simply dial *1699# and pre-define the loan type for dynamic selection.

How do I make a loan request through the Cellcard app or else?

All you have to do is create an account on the cellcard app and you’ll be able to request a loan. Kjey Sen, cellcard app, ussd, and sms are the three channels via which you can obtain a loan.

What should I do if my loan request is denied?

Please call 823 for assistance.

Who qualifies for the Kjey Sen service?

  • All prepaid subscribers, whether their accounts are active or inactive.
  • Stay on the cellcard network for at least 30 days.
  • With the exception of hybrid, data, and postpaid Sims.
  • There are no outstanding loans.
  • Refill your balance on a regular basis.

Can I acquire a loan by SMS?

Yes, to seek the maximum loan amount, simply send A or B to sms short code 1699.

Is it possible for me to borrow the Kjey Sen Package?

Yes, you can. An emergency bundle is a package that allows you to utilize data, make on-net calls, and send text messages without having to exchange packages.

Can I acquire more than one loan?

Multiple loans are not permitted unless recovery has been completed.

Can I use Kjey Sen to call other networks domestically and internationally?

Yes, Kjey Sen airtime advance is the same as main balance.

How can I apply for a direct loan?

– *1699*200# -> 2$
– *1699*100# -> 1$
– *1699*150# = 1.5$
– *1699*50# = 0.50$
– *1699*5#

Emergency Bundle Menu
– 0.50$ Emergency Bundle
– 1$ Emergency Bundle

How is the status of my history loan?

You can check in your cellcard app or phone the short code *1699*0# to find out.