PlayGame Unlimited | Cellcard

Getting ahead in your game has never been easier. ​ 

With new PlayGame Unlimited you can really get your GG on with the sure-win combination of unlimited data for the biggest games (MLBB, PUBG and more to come soon), extra data for Facebook, exclusive offers, promotions, merchandise and events. All housed in the PlayGame Unlimited platform, with its own currency, and on Cambodia’s Best Gaming network! ​ 

Sounds good? ​ 

You bet it is. ​ 

Let’s break it down for you. 

membership packages are available to suit your gaming lifestyle. Choose yours and let the games begin! 

Ready, gamer? ​ 

Go to PlayGame Unlimited, register and activate your PlayGame Unlimited plan today!

Dial  *5555# or visit


Terms & conditions​ 

  • The PlayGame Unlimited platform is available to everyone, both Cellcard and non-Cellcard users. ​ 
  • However, subscription to the PlayGame Unlimited plans is only available to Cellcard’s Prepaid users.​ 
  • To enjoy using the data offer in PlayGame Unlimited plan, you are required to have an active status.​ 
  • Unlimited data for PUBGM and MLBB cover all gameplay inside the app. ​ 
  • Each PlayGame Unlimited Plan also includes extra data allowance for all other data usages not covered within the Unlimited data allowance for PUBG and MLBB gameplay. ​ 
  • PlayGame Unlimited plan is an auto-renewal plan. ​ 
  • Fair usage data policy applies to ensure everyone enjoys the best gaming experience.​ 
  • Everyone can buy PlayCoins. ​ 
  • An active status is not required to use your PlayCoins to redeem items in store.​ 
  • Play Coins can be used to redeem game currency & other items on the PlayGame Unlimited platform.​ 
  • PlayCoins are valid for 3 months.​ 
  • PlayCoins cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be transferred to others.​ 
  • All game currencies and items purchased on the PlayGame Unlimited platform cannot be refunded.​ 
  • Cellcard reserves the right to change or update terms and conditions without prior notice. 

Is PlayGame Unlimited platform available for Cellcard users only?​

PlayGame Unlimited is available for everyone in Cambodia, both Cellcard and non-Cellcard users.

What is PlayGame Unlimited plan?​

PlayGame Unlimited plan is a subscription based plan which offers unlimited data for playing PUBGM, and MLBB, extra data for Facebook, and data for internet surfing. You also get PlayCoins and exclusive offers from PlayGame Unlimited Partners.

What is PlayCoins? ​

PlayCoins is the currency of PlayGame Unlimited. You can use PlayCoins to buy game currency and items as well as redeem exclusive deals, ​within the PlayGame Unlimited platform. ​ 


Who can subscribe to PlayGame Unlimited offers?​ 

All Cellcard prepaid users can subscribe to PlayGame Unlimited plan. ​ 

Can I subscribe to the same PlayGame Unlimited plan at the same time?​ 

No, you cannot subscribe to the same plan at the same time, but you can upgrade your current plan to a higher plan. ​ 

តើអត្ថប្រយោជន៍នៃគម្រោងរបស់ខ្ញុំនឹងបាត់បង់ដែរឬទេ បន្ទាប់ពីខ្ញុំប្តូរទៅគម្រោងធំជាងមុនវារួច? 

Once you upgrade your plan, you can enjoy using your existing + new plan benefits as below:​ 

Benefits  What Happens 
Unlimited Data for PUBGM, MLBB ​  Replace with new plan​ 
Data for Facebook​  Remaining bundle will be added up to new bundle​ 
Extra Data​  Remaining bundle will be added up to new bundle​ 
Play Coins​  Remaining Play Coins will be added up to new plan and expire based its own validity. ​ 
Validity​  • Remaining validity will continue until the current plan expires. ​
• The user will have individual validity for the plans they subscribed to​