BIG LOVE | Cellcard


BIG LOVE is Cambodia’s greatest mobile data offer with three levels to choose from. Depending on how much data you need you can choose your 7-day allowance and enjoy being online with Cellcard’s Super 4G LTE – the fastest network in the Kingdom.

If you are on the $1 BIG LOVE now and using more than your allowance then you should move to $2 BIG LOVE and enjoy your data with no restrictions.


You can manage your BIG LOVE subscription easily via Cellcard App.

Download it for free from


Please note, this offer is set on auto-renewal to ensure you have uninterrupted enjoyment of the service. Your subscription will be automatically deducted from your main balance.

BIG LOVE $1 and BIG LOVE $2 will be auto-renewal every 7 days. and BIG LOVE $8 will be auto-renewal every 30 days.

If you don’t have enough credit when your subscription is due, it will be deducted from your main balance when you top up sufficient funds.

  • All BIGLOVE bundles are available for all prepaid subscribers except WLL/Thom Thom/Tourist Sim.
  •  Cellcard Niyeay plan is eligible to subscribe  BIG LOVE $2 & BIG LOVE $8.
  • Multiple subscription is applicable for BIG LOVE $2 & BIG LOVE $8.
  • You can subscribe to a maximum of 2 Big Love $1 bundle within the same validity.
  • An active account is required to enjoy the benefits of BIGLOVE.
  • All BIGLOVE bundles come with auto-renewal, except BIGLOVE subscriptions sent as gifts.
  • BIGLOVE can be sent as a gift to inactive accounts, in which case, BIGLOVE activates the inactive account.
  • Within network calls in BIG LOVE  bundle will be charged on 60-second charging blocks.
  • Data usage in the BIG LOVE  bundle will be charged on 1 MB charging block
  • On-net SMS using from BIG LOVE bundle will be charged 6 cents/SMS.
  • To unsubscribe auto-renewal, please dial *898*0#
  • Cellcard prepaid plans are specifically designed for personal mobile use. We recommend these plans are not used for commercial purposes as it may affect other customers’ personal service. Cellcard reserves the right to suspend accounts that utilize such plans for mass broadcasts such as SMS blasts, call-out services and/or spamming, etc.


You can choose one of your BIG LOVE below:

BIGLOVE $1 call 898 & press 1 or dial *898*100#

BIGLOVE $2 call 898 & press 2 or dial *898*200#

BIGLOVE $8 call 898 & press 3 or dial *898*800#

You can also send BIG LOVE to friends as gifts!

To send BIGLOVE $1, dial *898*phone number*100#

To send BIGLOVE $2,  dial *898*phone number*200#

To send BIGLOVE $8, dial *898*phone number*800#

Can I subscribe to BIG LOVE if my account is inactive?

Sorry, you can only subscribe to BIG LOVE with an active account. If your account is inactive, please top up.

Can I send BIG LOVE as a gift to a friend even if his account is inactive?

Yes, once your friend receives BIG LOVE, his/her number will be shifted to active.