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Whoever you are​​! Whatever your game! There’s one plan that rules them all.​​ PLAYGAME UNLIMITED​

More than your regular unlimited offer.​​ NOW with 3-IN-1 UNLIMITED GAMING ​. Choose your battlefield, anytime, anywhere, and get ready to get your game on.​

Get ready to get your game on! For more information visit

Is PlayGame Unlimited platform available for Cellcard users only?​

PlayGame Unlimited is available for everyone in Cambodia, both Cellcard and non-Cellcard users.

What is PlayGame Unlimited plan?​

Playgame Unlimited plan is a subscription base plan which offers unlimited data for playing MLBB, PUBGM, Free Fire, and generic data for normal internet surfing. Check out more of our plan here.

Who can subscribe to PlayGame Unlimited offers?​ 

All Cellcard prepaid users can subscribe to PlayGame Unlimited plan. ​ 

Can I subscribe to the same PlayGame Unlimited plan at the same time?​ 

No, you cannot subscribe to the same plan at the same time, but you can upgrade your current plan to a higher plan. ​ 

What happens to my plan benefits when I upgrade my plan?

Once you upgrade your plan, you can enjoy using your existing + new plan benefits as below:​ 

Benefits  What Happens 
Unlimited Data for MLBB, PUBGM, Free Fire Replace with new plan
Extra Data Remaining Bundle will be added up to new bundle 
Validity – Remaining validity will continue until the current plan expires
– The user will have individual validity for the plans they subscribed to

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