XG All you want

Cellcard daily, weekly and monthly value plans, packed with up to 8000mb data, designed for the more tech savvy consumers who are online and rely on data for work and play.


Data:8000 MB | $200 Value
Validity:30 Days


On-net Call:214 min
Data:3000 MB | $75 Value
Validity:30 Days


On-net Call:143 min
Data:2000 MB | $50 Value
Validity:21 Days


On-net Call:71 min
Data:1400 MB | $35 Value
Validity:7 Days

Terms & Conditions

  • An active main balance is required to enjoy XG benefits.
  • Services used outside bundle or after bundle expiration date will be charged at regular rates.
  • Within network calls in the XG bundle will be charged on 60-second charging blocks.
  • Data usage in the XG bundle will be charged on 1 MB charging blocks.

I’m XG4.5 user, I would like to upgrade my plan to XG6. What can I do?

Just make sure you have enough balance $6  or more in your account. Then dial #8282#60#1#, you will upgrade your plan from X4.5 to XG6 automatically. For assistance please dial 812.

Can I use my XG bundle if my main balance is zero but it’s not yet expired?

Yes you can. Your XG plan will only be suspended upon expiration of your main balance. However, it will be reactivated as soon as you top-up.

What happens to my unused XG bundle when the plan expires or when I subscribe to a non-XG plan?

All unused benefits in your XG plan will be forfeited or wiped out.

When I am subscribed to an XG plan, can I still subscribe to iNET or other bolt-ons?

Yes you can. You can subscribe to any of these together with your XG plan: iNet, Dach Yub, SMS pack, Unlimited Facebook, VIber, Whatsapp and Line.

Can I subscribe to more than 1 XG plan at the same time?

Yes you can have multiple subscriptions, each with their own validity periods. The XG plan that expires first will be used first. We will automatically renew the last XG plan you subscribed to.

Is there any migration fee if I migrate to XG?




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