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Internet all night!

Enjoy more calls, posting pictures live video and chat with friend with Dach Yub.

For only 15c get 1GB of data and 60 minutes on-net talk time from 12am to 6am.

TO SUBSCRIBE: Dial #6768#1#



  • Available to all prepaid subscribers (except Niyeay, WLL, Hybrid profiles).
  • Daily subscription is valid for 24 hours, with auto recurring subscriptions without prior notification.
  • Multiple activation is allowed up to 10 times per night. The plan that expires first will be used first.

What is Dach Yub?

Dach Yub is a new promotional package for off-peak calls and data, available from 12am-6am

How many times can I subscribe to Dach Yub?

You can subscribe to a Dach Yub plan 10 times/night.

What happen to my unused data or minutes after expiration?

All remaining unused data and minutes of bundle will be completely removed after expiration.

If I subscribe to iNET Plan and Dach Yub, which plan will be used first?

During off-peak hours (12am-6am) Dach Yub bundle will be used first.



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