Check your balance, Subscribe to new plans and services, Top-up and get the newest promotions all in one App.

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Keep track of your usage

This new updated version makes it very easy to keep track of all what you are using in one page: including your main balance, promotional balance, plan balance and your on-going subscriptions to any value added service. Know your remaining balance for each as well as their expiration dates, so you are in full control of your spending.

​Easy one-touch subscriptions

Plans and offers have been updated and subscribing to all and any of these is as easy as clicking the “Get” button.

Top-up your phone or anyone else’s

With the top up page, you can either top-up your phone or send top-up to your SIM inside your ipad, or even to a friend. All you need is a phone number and scratchcard code.

Be updated on current promos

All our exiting new offers are now grouped together. Clicking on any promotions that you find interesting leads you to the Cellcard website with all the details you need.

Instant access to customer service

Wherever you are get in touch with our customer service. The app also includes a directory for all Cellcard shops nationwide in case you need to see a customer representative.

Cellcard app is available to download free on iOS and Android

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