Enjoy the internet more on Cellcard’s Award-Winning Super 4G LTE

With Cellcard, you can be sure you​ are on the fastest network in Cambodia. Enjoy uninterrupted internet fun whether it’s browsing, surfing, streaming, gaming or simply playing facebook on Cellcard network which has been awarded by 3 trusted global standard for mobile experience as below:


Please click on each picture to find out more detail about these awards.


Read about the network as we switch on new 4G sites near you!

In the month of September, there were nine new 4G sites added.

Three in Phnom Penh, two in Kandal, two in Kampong Cham and one new site each in Koh Kong and in Sihanoukille .

In Phnom Penh the new sites will give better speed and coverage to people in these areas:

  • Khan Meanchey
  • Khan Chrouy Changwa
  • Khan Chba Ampov

In Kampong Cham the sites will help those in the Boeng Kok and Sambour Meas Communes.


Check here for the 4G coverage map as we build and achieve a nationwide 4G network in partnership with Nokia and Huawei.


Cellcard Super 4G = super fast internet speed on the most reliable network

  • No buffering time when viewing videos
  • Uninterrupted video streaming
  • Super fast download speeds
  • Super fast upload speeds
  • Real time updates on your apps
  • Multiple active pages anytime

Smartphone SALE! Upgrade to a new 4G smartphone!

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Get your 4G SIM for FREE 

Swap your sim for the new Cellcard 4G sim at the nearest Cellcard office or booth.

Are you 4G Ready? Here’s how to find out.

iPhone: settings > cellular or mobile data> voice & data > 4G or LTE

Samsung: settings > mobile networks > network mode > LTE

LG: settings > networks > mobile networks > network mode > LTE

If the 4G / LTE option is not available on your handset, it means your  handset does not support 4G.



Where can I purchase a 4G-LTE device that works on Cellcard network?

you can purchase a 4G-LTE device at the nearest Cellcard store or any other phone stores in the market. Please make sure that it is support LTE 1800 (LTE Band 3). Click here for some of the latest 4G-ready handsets from our partners. Get them from our store and receive bundles and gifts!

What is 4G-LTE?

4G-LTE is a mobile telecommunications technology that allows you to enjoy faster internet speeds so you can watch videos without buffering delays, download content faster, have a smoother experience with apps that load images like maps, Instagram or Facebook for example.

What differentiates 3G & 4G?

4G allows you faster internet speeds vs. 3G. If you watch videos, download content, or like using content-heavy apps like Facebook or Instagram, using 4G will reduce the buffering time and load content faster to give you faster access to content you enjoy.

Can I continue my current plan to enjoy 4G-LTE or do I need to upgrade it to a specific plan?

If you are currently subscribing to Tamjet/XG/iNET plan, you can continue using it. However, for your convenience we suggest that you subscribe to a higher plan.

What are the devices that already support 4G-LTE in Cambodian market?

Some of the latest smartphones in the market already support 4G LTE network (Band 3 1800 frequency) . Click here for some of the latest 4G-ready handsets from our partners. Get them from our store and receive bundles and gifts!

What do I need to start using Cellcard 4G-LTE?

Make sure that your device already supports 4G-LTE network (Band 3 1800 frequency). To check if your phone is 4G capable, go to settings and check your mobile network list. You also need a 4G SIM. Swap your current sim for a 4G-LTE sim at the nearest Cellcard office. Some of our dealers will also be carrying 4G SIM.

Can I use a device which I purchased from another country that already supports LTE to be used on Cellcard 4G-LTE network?

It will depend on the device type and manufacturer (please refer to table device supported). Please make sure that it is supports LTE 1800 (LTE Band 3).

Do I need a special device to enjoy 4G-LTE network?

Yes, to use the Cellcard 4G-LTE network you need to use a smartphone or any device that supports 4G network (Band 3 1800 frequency). Please refer to your handset manual or your phone manufacturers website to check for Band 3 1800 frequency compatibility.

Which areas are already covered with Cellcard 4G-LTE network?

Check here for the 4G coverage status as we build and achieve a nationwide 4G network in partnership with Nokia and Huawei.

Cambodia’s Fastest Network Awards !