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Pouk Mak App : Cambodian’s Own Chat App

It’s a chat App like no other. ​

  • Enjoy Pouk Mak’s complete connectivity features to keep you connected, informed and entertained. Make free calls, send free messages, files, photos, videos, and share your location with Pouk Mak’s Location Services.​ 
  • Express yourself and make conversations more fun with original Pouk Mak stickers. Download them for free!​ 
  • Watch out for interactive games that you and your friends can all play to win exciting prizes. Coming soon!​ 
  • Subscribe to content channels and stay on top of your favourite feeds. Choose from popular news channels and favourite Facebook pages.​ 
  • More importantly, Pouk Mak includes a Covid-19 Vault, where you can save a digital version of your vaccination card and other important documents for safekeeping and easy access! 

With Pouk Mak you can also​ 

Choose your interface language. Available in English and Khmer.​ 

And feel secure with Pouk Mak’s Data Encryption. All information exchanged on the platform is encoded for your privacy.​


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Get a 2GB bonus monthly!

All Cellcard subscribers are eligible to receive the 2GB bonus from Pouk Mak.

The 2GB bonus is a 3-month bonus, credited to each subscriber at 500MB/week valid for 7 days for 12 weeks.

The first 500MB bonus will be credited to your bonus balance immediately after you download and register on Pouk Mak app.

To get the next weekly bonuses, keep your main balance active.

Who is Pouk Mak?

Pouk Mak is your new best friend! He lives in a brand new messaging App called Pouk Mak. He likes making new friends and keeping them, all connected and in touch with everyone and everything they love. He can’t wait to meet you and show you around the App.  Download Pouk Mak App for free today and get 2GB every month!

What is Pouk Mak App?

Pouk Mak App is Cambodia’s first local chat App by Cellcard. It’s free and open to everyone regardless of what network you’re on! With Pouk Mak App, enjoy free voice and video calls to all your friends, chat for free, send photos, files and stickers for free, read all your news feeds for free, plus get 2GB free every month.

Unlike other major global messaging Apps, Pouk Mak is fully secure and encrypted with all data stored right here in Cambodia. Your data is safe and not shared with anyone. It is also the only major chat app in Khmer language.

More fun features are coming soon so download Pouk Mak App now from the Google Play Store or App Store and start inviting all your friends.

Which OS does Pouk Mak support?

  • Android 7 or newer
  • iOS 13 or newer

How much data does it consume in the app?

The data you consume using Pouk Mak is based on how much time you spend using it and what kind of content you share. It’s the same for any other chat Apps. But great news! You can save data on Pouk Mak! How? By subscribing to some of our great value data offers. Try our Big Love or Cellcard 4U to get more data for less.

Why should I use Pouk Mak?

Pouk Mak is Cambodia’s first local chat App. It’s 100% Khmer, 100% Free!

Plus, every month, you also get to claim a Pouk Mak gift – free 2GB!

Pouk Mak is fully secure and encrypted with all data stored right here in Cambodia. Your data is safe and not shared with anyone. It is also the only major chat app in Khmer language.

Pouk Mak has all the functions of any international-standard chat App, with more fun features and rewarding experiences coming soon.

Pouk Mak App is fully developed to cater to only Cambodia with content and stickers in Khmer as well as premium content and experiences with the Kingdom’s most-loved social influencers – not available anywhere else.

How do I use Pouk Mak App?

The Pouk Mak App is so easy to use. Download the Pouk Mak App from the Google Play Store or App Store, create your profile by adding your details and a cute photo, invite all your friends, and start chatting!

With Pouk Mak you can chat, create group chats, make calls, video calls, send files, use unique Pouk Mak sticker sets, share your location, and join any of the available content feeds! Downloading and using Pouk Mak is free for everyone no matter which network you’re on.

Plus there’s more fun features coming soon! Download Pouk Mak App now from the Google Play Store or App Store and get 2GB free every month!

How do I get my free 2GB?

Every person using the App can get 2GB free data every month.

All you need to do is download and register with your Cellcard phone number and you will get 500MB at the end of each week.

The free data gifts form Pouk Mak will go into you bonus balance.

But you must be a Cellcard customer – on any plan.

We recommend Cellcard 4U – Cambodia’s best data plan with additional benefits and flexible features such as rollover of all your balance each week and you still get every 4th week free.

To subscribe to Cellcard 4U get a Cellcard SIM and dial *5000*1#

If you are in Phnom Penh, you can even get your SIM Card home delivered on the popular food and shopping Apps: Wing Mall, Nahm24 and Smile Shop.

If I have any problems using the app, where should I contact?

Tap “Setting” > “Help” > “Contact Us”
Or send email to support@pouk-mak.com
Or call 012 999 123


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