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Cellcard teams up with Web Essentials for T3CON15

Published Date: May, Monday 02, 2016

Web Essentials, a web development company and organisers of the T3CON15 conference, are excited to announce their partnership with the mobile giant Cellcard, the conference’s newest sponsor.

T3CON, which will run 20-21st August, is a WebDev and Agile international conference for tech experts from across the world to gather and share ideas. The two-day event also provides training and SCRUM certification.

On August 23rd, Web Essentials will also be hosting a special tech event for students from local universities, introducing the future web developers to sophisticated, enterprise-ready Web technologies and methodologies such as TYPO3 CMS, Neos CMS, Flow Framework, Agile Software Development and more. The event, which will see up to 500 attendees.

The partnership with Cellcard will help Web Essentials push awareness for upcoming event through social media platforms, SMS broadcast and press coverage. The partnership will also provide every attendee with a free Cellcard simcard with bonus credit, plus will give Cellcard subscribers an opportunity to participate in the student event for free with limited number of tickets being offered for free by Cellcard through its promotions.

Cellcard: Connecting Technology

Aside from supplying the country with some of its best mobile technology, Cellcard is a proud social enterprise event sponsor, and is dedicated to developing young tech talent in Cambodia.

“We believe in the role of innovation in the progress of Cambodia and Cambodian lives. We are proud to sponsor T3CON15 Asia as an event that aims to create awareness and provide a venue for collaboration and learning towards uplifting the standards of web development. Through this sponsorship we would like to help Web Essentials introduce Cambodians to new technology, as well as to provide our customers with the opportunity to participate in this event. “ — Niek Van Veen, Director of Marketing, Cellcard

About Web Essentials

Web Essentials is the result of technology expertise from as far apart as Switzerland, Cambodia, the USA and Nigeria – a truly international project. Since its inception in 2010, Web Essentials has gone on to work with over 150 clients from around the world, and employ 50 staff members.

A social ethos is a driving force of the company, which is focused on developing highly qualified web developers by working with partner companies in Europe and elsewhere. Profits are not given back to the owners, but put into technology, language and management training and internships, as well as social benefits for staff members.

“As a social business in the technology sector, we are committed to making a social impact by sharing our knowledge with others in the communities we work and live in. By organizing T3CON15 Asia we underline this effort, bringing a unique learning and networking conference and professional SCRUM training to Cambodia. We believe that such initiatives are most effective and sustainable through joint partnerships of private sector companies and we warmly welcome Cellcard as a partner to this event.” — Dominik Stankowski, Executive Director, Web Essentials